Can Money Buy Expensive, Luxury or High End Happiness?

Some people work hard, some for several years, to earn more and more money, all the while hoping that at some point they will feel secure and in control of their life.  They want this because they believe this will bring them happiness.  However, at a certain point these same people can begin to feel that something is missing in their life.  They begin to search for the next great thing they hope will make them happy.  For some, it may be expensive, luxury or high end watches.  For others, it is expensive, luxury or high end cars.  Still others consider expensive, luxury or high end boats, toys or McMansions.  And finally there are those expensive, luxury or high end and exotic vacations.  Truthfully, these expensive, luxury or high end things are all wonderful and very enjoyable ways for people to spend their money.  The problem is that in the quest for the next expensive, luxury or high end thing, they find that no sooner do they have it than the feeling of emptiness sets in again, and they begin the process all over again.  It doesn’t take long to begin to feel that life is a bunch of highs and lows, and the lows make you feel worse and worse.  So if it’s possible to buy expensive, luxury or high end products, can people buy expensive, luxury or high end happiness?  The answer is simple.  Yes.  You can buy expensive, luxury or high end happiness, but this is conditional.  For this to occur you need to invest in the most important thing of all, YOU.

What?  How do you invest in you, and how can you use money to buy happiness?  Begin the process of getting to know YOU.  Who are you, really?  Why do you do what you do?  What is your purpose in life?  What gives meaning to your life?  If you really want happiness, get off the expensive, luxury or high end retail roller coaster and consider seeing a happiness consultant to figure out how you can feel happy from within you.  When your life is a quest for expensive, luxury or high end things, the happiness won’t stick around for longer than the time it takes you to get bored of that new expensive, luxury or high end thing.  When you discover yourself through the help of a happiness consultant you will gain an internal happiness that doesn’t come and go like the wind.  A word of caution though.  If it is YOU that you are seeking to please and discover, you must prioritize YOU.  All to often I hear things from clients like:  Can we talk on the phone while I’m on my way to the business meeting? or Do you have any times that don’t interfere with my weekly golf game, tennis game, board meeting, _____________, whatever?  What are YOU worth?  Are you worth so little to yourself that you are going to squeeze YOURself in between your activities or those same things that haven’t brought you happiness before?  If you truly want to be happy for a change, do yourself a favor, MAKE the time for YOU and give us a call today.  We specializes in expensive, luxury or high end clients and we will teach you to specialize in YOU so that you can finally achieve the happiness YOU deserve.

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