Cognitive Training Program To Improve Focus, Attention And Working Memory

Who Can Benefit from Cognitive Training for ADHD?


At Proliance Center, we have found that more and more people are being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), some at a very young age.  For many people, especially the parents of young children, this can be very scary since the treatment of choice is often medication, either with or without therapy.  Parents will often deny the problem until it gets much worse in order to avoid medication.  Others may prefer to try alternative treatment modalities in hopes avoiding medicine all together and certainly before trying the medication.  It is important to keep in mind that this choice to avoid medicine at all costs and the feeling of “I don’t believe in medicine” or “I won’t put my child on a medication” is a common feeling that many people have.  Often one parent may be strongly for medication treatment, while another may be strongly against it.  This can create tension in the parental couple, each believing that they are right and their partner is wrong.  In reality they are both right.  No one, wants to hurt their own child and those that are against medicine feel that way, because they believe medicine will hurt them or their child.  When time is not of the essence, the best approach is to give alternative therapies for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) a try.  Not so much, because they will work (they only help some individuals), but to come to peace with the fact that all else has been tried.  Additionally, some people who are open to medication would like to get off them or have their child get off them as soon as possible.  As a result, they are looking for some way to do so, eventually.  For all these individuals a cognitive training program for ADHD is highly beneficial.

What is Cognitive Training for ADHD?

Knowing that attention and focus are an integral part of everyday human interaction, as well as academic and social success, we at Proliance Center provide a medication-free alternative to develop attention and focus. Using a revolutionary, NASA-inspired, individualized, computer-based program cognitive training program with personal coaches, we work to help you or your child develop greater focus and attention.

This program used by us at Proliance has been used in over 450 schools worldwide and has been featured on Good Morning America, NBC News and the Boston Globe.  It works much like a video game that is connected to a helmet lined with sensors that read your brain activity associated with attention.  These brain signals control the games; your mind becomes the mouse.  When you lose focus, the game stops and will not restart until you are fully focused.  Soon the student begins to see his/her attention in real time and notice that his/her lack of attention directly impacts how well they can follow the games.  Theses games not only teach you to improve focus, but also to ignore distractions, develop memory skills, finish tasks, and become organized.  This program teaches you the skill of being able to focus and attend in low stimuli or boring situations.  It is not a quick fix, it is a long-term process and like learning to play an instrument, or a new sport, it takes hours of practice, a consistent schedule and a commitment to the program.  Practicing two or three days a week for 30 – 45 minutes can produce long-term results.  Once theses skills have been mastered, they may translate into shorter homework time, longer attendance during class, increased ability to follow directions, less time spent off-task, and the ability to ignore distractions and concentrate regardless of the environment.

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