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Effects of Divorce on a Child

It is an unfortunate fact that no matter the circumstances and age of a child, divorce has a profound effect on them.  A child’s parents are the basis for their emotional stability and once the union between them is dissolved, it leaves them vulnerable to a long list of potential emotional difficulties.

Fortunately, the lasting effects of divorce on a child can be lessened, or even eliminated, with the proper care and behavior from parents and other important figures in a child’s life.  In a divorce, so much depends on the parents’ effort to put their differences aside and do what is in their child’s best interest.

Prevent Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

What is key for the child, in making a smooth transition through divorce is:

  •  Age-Appropriate Communication – Consider their age in their ability to cope with stress or change in general, the nature of the divorce, and how you typically communicate as parents with your child.
  •  Consideration of Their Individual Personality – look at the child’s relationship with you, your partner, their siblings, extended family, and circle of friends.  A solid system of support through the divorce is an important factor in emotional health in any circumstance.

What Parents Can Do to Limit the Effects of Divorce on Children

Your task as a parent is to:

  • Help Them Cope with The Changing Circumstances.
  • Talk to Them and Listen in Return.
  • Never Force Them to Choose One Parent Over The Other.
  • Observe Their Behavior – Expect
    • Angry Outburst
    • Confusion
    • Even Changes In Eating Habits And Other Behaviors
    • Ask Questions About Their Thoughts and Feelings
    • Maintain Structure and Stability In Every Area of Their Lives You Can
    • Constantly Reassure Them of The Love Both You and Your Partner Have, and Will Always Have, for Them

Though divorce is never easy, by following some of these suggestions, you can protect your child and their emotional well-being and limit the effects of divorce.

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