Do you take insurance?

The great majority of patients we see at Proliance Center have insurance, but insurance companies don’t pay us directly.

How do you compare to other doctors, because I am just shopping around?

When shopping for a car or item that is the same in all places we do look for the cheapest one, but if you had cancer or needed spinal surgery would you be looking for the cheapest treatment?  Or would you want the best doctors to treat your condition?  Here at Proliance Center, we focus on providing you with the best quality at the fastest service possible.  Others may be a lot cheaper, but they won’t offer the quality and speed of care we at Proliance Center provide.  You have suffered long enough!  Get the care you deserve now!

How soon can you get me in?

We regularly get cancellations, and if you are flexible with the time you can come in, we can usually get you into the office within a week.  Often people will call looking for an “open” slot that is not available for another week or so.  Sadly, they hang up and the next call is from an existing patient calling to reschedule their appointment tomorrow for a week later.  Our advice is to let us put you on the schedule for our first “open” slot, and you will be called for our first available opening/cancellation, which is often within a day or two of your initial call.  Also keep in mind why you want to get in to see anyone who will see you the soonest.  Are you or your loved one in an emergency situation that requires a visit to the ER?  Is your child refusing to go to school today?  Often the busiest therapists/doctors are also the best ones and the hardest to get in to see.  Do you want the best doctors caring for you or your child or the doctor with the most free time? Proliance Center may not be able to get you in on the same day you call, but once you are in, you are a member of our family and will receive the highest quality care professionally possible.

Are Dr. Mike's Fees Resonable?

Having been in private practice for over 20 years, Dr. Mike has never received insurance company referrals and instead concentrated on word of mouth referrals based on his results, reputation and patient satisfaction.  Dr. Mike focuses on providing extremely high quality service in a timely manner. There is a well-known business concept called the “unattainable triangle.”  This is composed of quality, price, and speed. All products or services can have only two out of the three sides of the triangle. For example: high-quality and fast turnaround at a high-price, or low-price and fast-turnaround at low quality, and so forth.  Here at Proliance Center, we believe that people suffer too much for too long.  So we concentrate on the delivery of high quality services to provide you with the wellness you deserve as rapidly as possible.  For this reason our prices are higher than other professionals in our line of service, who can offer lower prices, but not with both better quality and the most rapid delivery of wellness around.

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