Category: Finding a Psychologist for Teenagers

Finding a Psychologist for Teenagers

Raising a child is by far the most difficult job a parent ever faces.  For most parents, the teenage years are the most challenging.  When the problems a teenager is facing seem to be too overwhelming for them to handle and parents feel they have exhausted their own resources to help them, they will often turn to a Psychologist for answers and direction.  Finding a Psychologist for Teenagers can be a difficult task, so we hope the following information can make it a bit easier.

The most practical things to consider when researching a Psychologist for Teenagers are the location and availability of the Psychologist.  What are the available hours?  Can your teen be seen after school or before school?  Next is the training and experience of the Psychologist for Teenagers.  Is the Psychologist licensed or credentialed in their field?  What is their experience in working with teenagers?  Payment is also a factor to consider.  If you have health insurance and would like to use it for payment, contact your insurance company for referrals within the network.  It is important to realize that there are many Psychologist for Teenagers who do not accept insurance.  In these cases, you may be able to work with that Psychologist for Teenagers, and bill your insurance company for those services as an out-of-net provider.

The most important factor to research when finding a Psychologist for Teenagers is whether or not the Psychologist is equipped to handle the specific needs of your teenager.  Be sure to ask for referrals among trusted resources such as doctors or teachers for a Psychologist for Teenagers that specializes in or has significant experience in treating the issue your teen faces.  Also, does the Psychologist treat only the teenager, or the family as a whole?  Talk with the potential Psychologist for Teenagers to address these questions, and any others you may have, before making a final decision.  Once you can find a Psychologist for Teenagers that meets the needs addressed above, you can feel confident that you’ve made a good choice!

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