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Psychotherapy in Boca Raton

“Psychotherapy” is the therapeutic treatment approach used by a trained professional to treat an individual, family, couple or group for a given presenting problem.  Psychotherapy in Boca Raton  is used to treat a variety of issues of a psychological or situational nature.  The process of Psychotherapy in Boca Raton  includes an assessment of the presenting problem, a working diagnosis or identified issue, a developed plan for treatment agreed upon by both the client(s) and treating professional, application of this plan to bring about change, and eventual termination of therapy.

At Proliance Center, the goal of Psychotherapy in Boca Raton  is to increase an individual’s sense of well-being to improve their mental health and general functioning.  The techniques involved in this process focus on building a strong therapeutic relationship between the professional and the individual, couple, family or group they are treating.  This relationship is built on trust, understanding, empathy, and support.

Psychotherapy in Boca Raton  can be practiced through a variety of approaches and settings, the most common being through spoken conversation.  Other forms of Psychotherapy in Boca Raton  include written descriptions, art, drama, narrative, or music.  There are also many approaches to treatment, such as psychoanalysis, behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and positive psychology, among others.  This variety of approaches can be used to treat a wide range of mental disorders, crises, transitions, or adjustment problems.   Specific approaches are chosen by therapists based on their education, training, style, and preference combined with the identified issue and treatment plan.

The Psychotherapy in Boca Raton offered at Proliance Center is provided in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment.  Our therapists work with their patients to help them identify their symptoms and struggles, improve their lives and reach their goals.  If you have questions about the process of Psychotherapy in Boca Raton, a Proliance Center therapist is available to speak with at any time.

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