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Separation Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Have you ever noticed that your child refuses to go to school, refuses to be alone without you, refuses to go to another part of the house without you or to a party or play-date at another’s house, and may even refuse to sleep alone?  If this is the case, your child could be suffering and may need Separation Anxiety Disorder treatment.

This condition can be painful for parents to witness and extremely disabling for their children.  However, there is hope with Separation Anxiety Disorder treatment.

In mild to moderate cases the best form of Separation Anxiety Disorder treatment is psychotherapy or parent guidance.  There are several different forms of psychotherapy, but the one of the most commonly used for this is known as Cognitive-Behavioral therapy.  However, an important thing to keep in mind is that the sooner you treat the problem the less impact the problem will have down the line and the better the ultimate results in Separation Anxiety Disorder treatment.

So what should you do if you think your child may need Separation Anxiety Disorder treatment?  If this is the case go seek help from a professional with experience in the treatment for Separation Anxiety Disorder.  Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it seems.  The reason is that there are a number of factors involved in Separation Anxiety Disorder treatment.

Most often both the child and the parents need help.  The reason the parents need help is because they are torn between seeing their child suffer; yet feeling they need to “push” the child past this.  This parental dilemma can occur, for instance, if parents recall their own childhood anxiety.  They would like to empathize with the child and are unable to give the child the loving “push” the child needs.  This is where parent guidance plays a role in Separation Anxiety Disorder treatment.

Here at Proliance Center our team of professionals have a lot of experience with this and we are here to help.  Give us a call today.

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