Couples and Marriage Therapy

What is Couples/Marriage Therapy?

At Proliance Center, we believe that the best type of relationship is one that is healthy and fulfilling.  We also know that many couples go through periods of stress and strain that prevent them from achieving true happiness together.  Couples therapy can help couples identify and resolve conflicts and improve upon existing strengths, thus leading to an enhanced relationship.  We believe that through therapy, couples can express their needs, concerns, or fears in a safe and comfortable environment.  An experienced Proliance clinician can help
the couple to process their feelings and find resolution through effective communication and coping skills. Couples therapy includes both partners and can be beneficial to couples of all types whether married or unmarried, heterosexual or homosexual.

Why do Couples Typically Seek Therapy?

We have seen that couples typically seek therapy for a variety of reasons.  In some cases, couples would like to improve their relationship by strengthening existing bonds and developing a better understanding of one another.  In other cases, existing troubles in the relationship need to be resolved and replaced with healthy and effective patterns.  Many of the relationship issues we treat at Proliance Center include:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • In-law Conflicts

How does Couples/Marriage Counseling Work?

At Proliance Center, we use couples counseling to help couples develop and solidify new skills such as effective communication and problem solving.  Your therapist will mediate at times between partners and help facilitate effective coping through difficult situations.  We recognize that there are often topics that have been difficult for couples to address on their own.  Our therapists treat each member of the couple equally, providing each of them the time to express their needs and concerns and valuing their views and opinions.  Couples therapy at Proliance Center can last anywhere between a few sessions to several months, based on the status of the relationship combined with the treatment plan established between the couple and your experienced therapist.

Is Couples/Marriage Therapy Right for Us?

We believe that seeking couples therapy is a decision that both partners should make together.  There is no true formula to determine whether a couple is ready for or needs counseling, but rather, it is the couple that should make the decision based on their current view of the relationship.  Generally, we feel that when couples want more out of their relationship, but are unsure how to make the desired improvements, couples therapy can be an excellent resource.  In relationships with significant conflicts negatively impacting the couple, they may feel they have exhausted all other options before seeking help from a professional.  Regardless of the reason, or current state of the relationship, couples therapy with a Proliance therapist can represent a step in the right direction to help couples find the resolution they are seeking.

How Do We Choose a Therapist that is Right for Us?

We recognize that there are many ways to find therapists today.  We also know that some are effective and some are not.  It is often confusing to review a multitude of information on websites and pamphlets and feel that you’ve made the right decision.  After seeking recommendations from reliable sources and verifying the experience and education of your chosen therapist, you must be sure this is a person that you and your partner can trust.  It is also important to feel as if you are benefitting from the experience. The therapists at Proliance Center will always keep the lines of communication open for the couple to express concerns or suggest new directions.  We listen and work together with you as a team in order to help you reach your goals.

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