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How to Determine if You Need Marriage Counseling

Every couple goes through periods of ups and downs in their relationship.  As long as the couple has the coping skills in place to overcome stress and difficulty, they will come together to move forward together.  In some cases, the nature of the stressor may overpower the couple’s ability to work through it on their own.  This is when Marriage Counseling can be a valuable tool for a couple’s relationship satisfaction and stability.

Do You Need Marriage Counseling?

Determining if you need Marriage Counseling is not easy and there is no clear answer of why or when.  It is entirely individually based on the couple and their unique needs and set of circumstances.  There are, however, some guidelines that may help you decide if Marriage Counseling is something that can help you and your partner.

 Evaluate Your Relationship

Take a look at your relationship today.

  • Are you happy?
  • Is your spouse happy?
  • Are you more or less content with your relationship now than you were on your wedding day?
  • Have you faced challenges and grown as a couple or started to disconnect?
  • Are there specific problems you are facing, or do you feel an overall sense of disconnection or discontentment?
  • What does your ideal relationship with your spouse look like?
  • How close are you now to that goal?
  • What do you hope for you and your spouse 10 year from now?
  • Considering what your relationship is like today, does that vision seem realistic?

If not you may want to consider Marriage Counseling.

What Marriage Counseling Will Do

The idea is that you want to evaluate your relationship and determine if it is currently meeting your needs.  If not, can you and your spouse work together to improve and grow, or do you think you need some help?  Marriage Counseling can assist a couple to improve their relationship through a wide variety of presenting circumstances.  Whether it be improvement in communication or overcoming infidelity, the goal of Marriage Counseling is to help you overcome difficulty, strengthen your relationship and increase your happiness in your marriage.  If this seems like something you’re looking for, perhaps you and your spouse are ready for Marriage Counseling.

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