Happiness Consultation Services

What is a Happiness Consultant?

It seems that in today’s business world and in our personal life we have a consultant for everything and we certainly don’t have a problem using them.  In business we have tax consultants, legal consultants, sales consultants, marketing consultants and the list goes on.  We turn to these individuals to provide us with an extra edge to make our business grow more efficiently and more profitably.  In our personal lives we hire personal trainers, yoga instructors, martial arts instructors, feng shui consultants, designers, personal chefs and the list goes on.  We take tennis lessons, golf lessons, cooking lessons and hire a “pro” for just about every other kind of thing we can think of.  Intuitively we know that while “we can do it ourselves” a “pro” can teach us the right way, safer, quicker and easier than the do-it-yourself approach.  In fact, not only do we hire all these professionals to enrich our life, but we tell everyone about it as well.

Sadly there is one exception.  When it comes to hiring someone to teach us, instruct us, guide us, or coach us on how to be happy we suddenly freeze.  We feel everyone should be automatically happy, as if everyone else is automatically born happy and stays happy no matter what.  Or at least we believe everyone else around us is happy, except for us.  We desperately want to be that happy person: you know, the one you detest, make fun of, but so badly want to be.  And there we are, not happy and not wanting to admit to ourselves that we are not happy, but want to be.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  The reason is that we believe that to admit it, or an even bigger deal to do something about it, is a sign of weakness.    So we don’t tell anyone, nor do we do anything about it.  We feel ashamed of not being happy and keep trying everything and anything we can to make that feeling go away.  We buy the next luxury car, the next luxury watch, the next McMansion, the next whatever, only to have the feeling of unhappiness quickly return.

Fortunately there is something we can do about this.  We can hire a Happiness Consultant.  While anyone can call himself or herself this, the more highly trained an individual is in the art of therapy and interpersonal relationships, the better positioned this person will be to help you.  This is a person who can help you find what you need to be happy and stay happy.  They can pinpoint areas where you need growth and areas of strengths that you can pull from to make this happen.

Stop wasting your time jumping from one nice purchase to the next hoping for lasting happiness.  Stop hoping that some day you will finally be able to do it yourself.  Hire a Happiness Consultant today.  At Proliance Center any member or our experienced team of therapist can be that Happiness Consultant you have been waiting for.  We are here to guide you when you are ready.  Give us a call today.

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