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Treatment of Adult ADHD In Boca Raton FL


When considering the treatment of ADHD In Boca Raton FL only three treatments have been proven to be effective for ADHD or ADD: behavior modification, medication, and the combination of the two.  So once a diagnosis for ADHD or ADD is made, these three options need to be considered in treating ADHD In Boca Raton FL.

Let’s take a look at behavioral modification in treating ADHD In Boca Raton FL. While the reality is that most individuals with ADHD or ADD will need medication, that’s not always enough.  In addition, many people are afraid of medications and prefer to start with therapy. Traditional forms of therapy can go on for years, whereas cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can result in benefits in as little as 12 to 16 fifty-minute sessions.

People with ADHD or ADD have a tougher time in school, work and relationships than other individuals.  Over time they are quicker to assume the negative, and this can magnify symptoms and interfere with problem solving. Those with ADHD or ADD can develop a negative view of themselves, the world, and their future.

As a result, those with ADHD or ADD, will avoid situations in which they’ve failed in the past.  This keeps them from learning new skills.  What CBT does for treating ADHD in Boca Raton FL is to bring these negative self-beliefs to the open and facilitate changing them. It does this by working to eliminate the irrational thoughts and expectations that stop an individual from doing what they need to get done.


CBT in treating ADHD In Boca Raton FL also helps children and adults who struggle with being disorganized, late, and distracted. CBT in treating ADHD In Boca Raton FL does this by teaching children and adults how to solve problems, use calendars and lists effectively, organize, plan, set priorities, and learning how to persevere in stressful situations.  Finally, although CBT in the treatment of ADHD in Boca Raton FL doesn’t cure ADHD or ADD, it does make it easier for children and adults to get along in a world that’s often intolerant of typical ADHD or ADD behavior.

Let’s take a look at medications in treating ADHD In Boca Raton FL.  Unfortunately, research suggests that CBT in the treatment of ADHD In Boca Raton FL cannot lead to the elimination of drug therapy for ADHD or ADD, or even permit lower dosages, but it does work better for ADHD or ADD than do other forms of therapy.  So what do we do in in the treatment of ADHD In Boca Raton FL when someone needs medication?  While I am often asked what is the best medication for ADHD or ADD in in the treatment of ADHD In Boca Raton FL the reality is there is no best one.  But there is a best one for YOU!  Here at Proliance Center we are asked How We Treat ADHD In Boca Raton FL. How We Treat ADHD In Boca Raton FL is that we use just about every medication that has ever been made to treat ADHD or ADD.  While some are popular and may be used by someone you know, it doesn’t mean it will work for you.  There are general guidelines we go by in How We Treat ADHD In Boca Raton FL is to determine which one is best for you, but at times there is a bit of trial and error to find the one that not only works for you, but is the most comfortable for you and last as long as you want it to (i.e. not too long and not too short-acting).  However, when we find the medication that works best for you, the effects are often dramatic.  In fact, I believe they are the most dramatic in all of psychiatry, because unlike in the treatment of other psychiatric problems these medications work instantly.  If today you are on the right dose of the right medication.  Today you will see the results.

Finally let’s take a look at the combination of the two in the treatment of ADHD In Boca Raton FL.  Studies have shown that the best treatment for ADHD or ADD consists of medications and cognitive behavioral therapy.  So experts recommend a combination of both medications and psychotherapy. How We Treat ADHD In Boca Raton FL is that CBT picks up where the medication leaves off.  The reason for this is because even after optimal treatment with medication, most people have residual symptoms, which need to be addressed.  Medications are effective at fixing the chemical imbalance that occurs in ADHD or ADD, but they can’t erase the damage left by years of bad feelings in coping with ADHD or ADD.

Lastly, in treating ADHD in Boca Raton FL, keep in mind that while it is easy to find a CBT therapist it can be harder to find one who specializes in ADHD or ADD.  Here at Proliance Center How We Treat ADHD In Boca Raton FL is that we have extensive experience in dealing with ADHD or ADD to the point that we are the referral of choice for those who have failed treatment with others.  If you are one of those people, or just looking to be treated accurately the first time, give us a call.  We are here to help.

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