Parent Training Guidance and Classes

What is Positive Parenting?


Raising children in today’s uncertain and dangerous world can be a challenging, and sometimes overwhelming undertaking.  Children are susceptible to external influences and forces that can be both positive and negative. In some cases, the skills and techniques parents have used in the past can become ineffective, leaving children to become lost in the chaos, unable to manage their own behaviors and emotions.  We often see trends in the field of mental health to label the child or associate them with a specific problem that causes their misbehavior. Children are often expected to change their behavior on their own through countless hours of individual therapy.  At Proliance, we believe that children are not only individuals, but rather, a part of a family and influenced by the guidance of their parents.  We also feel the best approach to parenting is one that relies on positivity, focusing on the strengths, skills, knowledge and confidence of parents to be effective leaders in the home and guide their children to overcome challenges associated with each developmental stage. We are consistently amazed by the impact that changes in parenting style and techniques can make on children and how quickly some problems can be resolved.

What does Parent Training and Guidance Entail?

At Proliance Center, we work with parents and families to combine the effects of social learning with cognitive-behavioral and developmental therapy and existing research to determine the basis of social and/or behavioral problems.  We cater our programs to the individual needs of families and guide them through a step-by-step process with structured techniques and skills to employ.  Our clinicians work with parents to promote independence and health within the family by enhancing their confidence in their parenting skills and understanding of their children.  Our goal is to help you create an environment for your child that is protective and nurturing. We want to be there to support you as you work through steps that will result in the growth, health and social competency of your children.

Parent Training 2

Because our programs are individually tailored to fit your needs, we offer parent training in both private and group forums.  Oftentimes, parents can benefit from the knowledge and experience of others, sharing stories and advice that might bring about new ideas.  Group settings can offer this benefit as well as the support of others who understand the struggles you face.  Some parents and families may feel more comfortable in a private setting with their experienced Proliance Clinician using an individualized approach to manage their presenting issues.

If you feel overwhelmed by the pressures of being a parent, or feel that the parenting skills you have always used have become ineffective, a Proliance clinician can provide you with the support and guidance needed to overcome these feelings of inadequacy and develop positive and effective skills to better manage your children’s behavioral and emotional needs.  Our clinician’s are trained and accredited in positive parenting training and will be able to address your needs in a comprehensive and timely manner.

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