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Seven Red Flags that Your Child is Being Bullied

As parents, we all want our children to live a safe and healthy life. The idea that your child is being bullied or made fun of by other kids should make us feel very uncomfortable. You are probably the kind of parent who hopes that your child will come to you with this kind of problem, but kids are unpredictable and often do not speak up when they are having a problem with bullying.

According to current statistics, 1 in 3 children are the victim of childhood bullying.  This should be a terrifying statistic, but bullying has become so much a part of our culture that most of us probably did not blink an eye in reading those numbers. The research suggests that when an authority figure takes a stand against the bullying, it usually stops.  But too often, parents, guardians, or teachers do not even know that there is a problem until the damage is already done.  Being vigilant can be the best defense.

There are some signs that your child is being bullied at school or somewhere outside of your home.

Sudden Changes in Mood

Dealing with a bully and losing the battle can be hard on a kid.  He or she is likely to feel depressed and helpless while all of this is going on.

Declining School Performance

If the bullying is happening at school, your child can express anxiety about being at school or going to school which is going to affect the way that he or she performs in the classroom.  If your child is one of the smarter children in class and the bully activity is based on that fact, your child may be trying to compensate or may be anxious about what the response will be to his or her performance.  If your child struggles in school and the bullying is in that area, he or she might start to believe that what the bully is saying is true.

Returns Home with Damaged or Missing Items

Sometimes the source of bullying is that your child has something that the bully wants, and being a bully, he or she simply takes it.  This could mean that your child will come home from the confrontation missing something he or she valued or with damage done to something in his or her possession.

Returns Home with Damage Done to His or Her Body

If your child comes home with cuts or bruises that cannot be explained by a playground trip, then you need to have a conversation with your child immediately.  No form of bullying should be acceptable, but the least acceptable is physical violence.  Your child could be seriously injured if he or she is beat up by a person who is bigger and potentially older and stronger than he or she is.

Returns Home Very Hungry Despite Having a Packed Lunch or Lunch Money

Schoolyard bullies have long been responsible for missing lunches and missing lunch money.  Bullies often extort money or food from their victims.

Has Trouble Sleeping or Has Frequent Nightmares

Some children are just naturally prone to these kinds of nighttime difficulties, but you know your child best.  He or she may be feeling anxiety about going to sleep and staying asleep, because that means that the bullying will begin again the next day.  Some children might have nightmares because of the feelings they are experiencing about being bullied.

Avoids Certain Places or Events

Maybe your child loved going to football games and now avoids them.  Maybe your child loved going to band practice but now will not set foot in the door.  It is possible that a bully is affecting the behavior of your child. When a child is being bullied, they might want to continue doing the things that he or she loves, but not at the expense of being brutalized while there.

What To Do When You Know Your Child Is Being Bullied

While we cannot and should not really fight our children’s battles, there are things that e can do as parents to help grease the wheels of justice.  Find out where the bullying is occurring and alert the proper authority figures or take the stand yourself.  There is no reason why your child should have to endure any kind of bullying.  It is not normal despite statistics to the contrary, and it should be dealt with as swiftly as possible.

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