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Social Anxiety Treatment in South Florida

Many people experience a sense of nervousness or self-consciousness in social situations.  Some examples might include giving a speech, interviewing for a new job, or going on a first date.  While some anxiety in these types of situations is normal, social anxiety, or social phobia is much more than shyness or nerves.  Individuals experiencing social anxiety often find themselves avoiding social situations in order to protect themselves from a fear of embarrassment or social failure.  This avoidance represents a significant disruption in the individual’s normal routine and causes tremendous stress.  Not only is this a recognized issue in the field of mental health, but it is far more common than you might think.

The good news about social anxiety, or social phobia, is that social anxiety treatment in South Florida can be highly successful and can allow individuals who have been suffering in silence to find new strength and confidence in their abilities to participate in social situations and overcome their fears.  During social anxiety treatment in South Florida at Proliance Center, we see many patients, of all ages and backgrounds, who are seeking help to overcome social anxiety.   With social anxiety treatment in South Florida we can help you to determine the symptoms, uncover the underlying causes of your fears, and equip you with the tools necessary to overcome and move forward.

When beginning social anxiety treatment in South Florida at Proliance Center, your therapist will first work with you to establish a positive, open, and supportive working relationship.  As social anxiety treatment in South Florida progresses you will learn about your individual triggers for social anxiety, such as meeting new people, public speaking, taking an exam, or being the center of attention.  During social anxiety treatment in South Florida you will also learn how these triggers affect you and how to recognize your personal “red flags.”  In social anxiety treatment in South Florida your Proliance therapist will help you to recognize the emotional, physical, and behavioral symptoms of social anxiety as well as the unhelpful thinking styles you have relied on thus far to manage your symptoms.

During social anxiety treatment in South Florida, in addition to the established relationship with your therapist, a combination of therapies is common.  These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, relaxation skills and self-confidence building as the most effective way to treat social anxiety, or social phobia.  Patients at Proliance Center undergoing social anxiety treatment in South Florida also have the option of combining therapy with medication management to help alleviate their anxiety as they learn to gain control over their symptoms.

If you have been experiencing social anxiety and have questions about how social anxiety treatment in South Florida can help, feel free contact Proliance Center to talk to one of our experienced therapists!

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