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How to Address Hyperactivity in Children

Hyperactivity in Children can be Addressed

At Proliance Center, one of the things we get asked a lot is about how to address Hyperactivity in Children.  However, the answer to addressing Hyperactivity in Children is not as simple as it may sound and depends on several factors.  Firstly we have to consider the child’s age.  Understandably a hyperactive 3 year old who is constantly running around the house is not the same as a ten year old doing the same thing.  So not only do we take age into consideration age, but also the level of Hyperactivity in Children compared to others of the same age.

Secondly we must consider nutrition and sleep.  It is very important that most kids get 9-12 hours of sleep per day, depending on their age.  If they don’t get it they can become cranky and hyperactive.  Poor nutrition also leads to Hyperactivity in Children and studies abound of how dyes and the lack of nutrients in the diet can cause this.

Then there is environment and general medical health.  A stressful school experience or home life can lead to Hyperactivity in Children as they become anxious and insecure about their surroundings.  This is very important to address and resolve.  Additionally, some medical conditions such a hyperactive thyroid can lead to Hyperactivity in Children.  For this reason it is important that kids undergo a thorough medical examination and blood work if this is suspected.

Lastly there are several psychiatric and psychological conditions that can lead to Hyperactivity in Children.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourette’s Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and the list goes on, can cause this.  Once this is narrowed down the treatment will depend on what is found or suspected to be the cause.  In the end, while the process may seem simple to some and hard for others, know that at Proliance Center we are here to help.  Give us a call today.

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