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Types of Adolescent Therapy in South Florida

Adolescents today face a multitude of challenges.  Often, they are able to rise up and meet these challenges with a combination of existing skills and social/familial support.  Sometimes, challenges can be too great for an adolescent to handle and they find themselves struggling to overcome.  There are a variety of types of adolescent therapy in South Florida to help manage some of these struggles.  At Proliance Center, one of the types of adolescent therapy in South Florida offered that can be very useful is social skills therapy.

As one of the many types of adolescent therapy in South Florida, social skills therapy can provide adolescents with an opportunity to process the social struggles they have and learn how to navigate social situations by acquiring new skills taught by their therapist.  These include communication skills and problem-solving techniques.  Also incorporated into this type of adolescent therapy in South Florida is stress management and self-esteem improvement.  At Proliance Center, we work with adolescents in this type of adolescent therapy in South Florida to help them recognize their greatest personal strengths and attributes and capitalize on them to improve their personal identity.  We provide support in a comfortable, private setting to allow adolescents to feel heard and understood in order to best process their presenting issues.

As a parent, it is sometimes difficult to decide which type of adolescent therapy in South Florida would meet the needs of your child.  Whether provided in a group or individual setting, adolescent therapy in South Florida focused on social skills can be extremely beneficial for overcoming social challenges and feeling confident in oneself.  At Proliance Center in Boca Raton, our therapist work closely with the parents of adolescents receiving treatment to help them best manage their child outside of the therapeutic setting and guide them to provide the most appropriate and beneficial support at home.  We will help you to better understand your child and bridge any existing gaps in communication between you.  If you have questions about the types of adolescent therapy in South Florida or feel your child is in need of social skills therapy, a Proliance Center therapist can help to answer your question and provide you with information necessary to make and educated decision.

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