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Tips on Finding a Marriage Counselor

When a couple decides to seek marriage counseling, finding the marriage counselor that will be the best match for them can be an overwhelming task.  To aid in your search, we’ve come up with several tips to help filter your search and produce the marriage counselor that will best serve you and your spouse.  If you’re going to put the time, effort and money into your marriage counseling experience, you want to have the best possible experience.

There are a wide variety of mental health professionals in the field, but only a select few work specifically with couples.  A great first tip to find a marriage counselor would be to make sure that the individual works with couples and has a significant amount of experience doing so.  You also want to ensure that your marriage counselor is pro-marriage.  Though this may seem like a silly question, there are many marriage therapist who equally split their time between helping couples save their marriage and helping them divorce amicably.  Make sure your intentions are known and that your marriage counselor will be there to support you.

Another tip for finding a marriage counselor is to inquire about the amount of experience they have working with your particular issue.  It could be infidelity, abuse, phase of life changes, blended family issues, or an overall lack of fulfillment in the relationship.  Whatever your presenting problem may be, you want to ensure that your chosen marriage counselor will be able to treat it effectively.

A very important tip to finding a marriage counselor, and a foundational issue, is whether or not the marriage counselor has the specific education and training to effectively treat couples.  Inquire about the professional’s educational background and where he or she completed practicums and internships.  You are looking for someone with not only practical experience in the field, but also the education and training to create a solid foundation of professionalism and knowledge.

Practicality may also be a concern for you and your spouse.  Ask yourselves about the location, hours of availability, and financial commitment that you are willing to make.  Your marriage is the most important relationship in your life, so in this area, you may need to make some sacrifices.  Just make sure you aren’t sacrificing so much that you create an additional problem for yourselves.

Finally, the best tip we can give you is that once you choose a marriage counselor, make a personal commitment to the goals you set with your spouse.  This relationship is your top priority and the right marriage counselor will be able to provide you the support to improve it, but can’t do the work for you.  Get ready to make some changes and compromises, but know that the end result may give you the marriage you’ve been hoping for!

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