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Treating OCD in Boca Raton

In treating OCD in Boca Raton it is important that we understand that OCD stands for “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,” a type of anxiety disorder that can be incredibly disturbing to people’s functioning.  In treating OCD in Boca Raton keep in mind that the ‘Obsessive’ component refers to unwanted and intrusive thoughts that come repeatedly despite the fact that the individual is disturbed by their presence.  Obsessive thoughts can take many forms including fears that one has not adequately washed their hands, have not sufficiently turned off appliances or locked doors.  In addition, in treating OCD in Boca Raton we discover that many people have intrusive and repetitive thoughts of sacrilegious content, harming others, or engaging in inappropriate sexual acts.In treating OCD in Boca Raton it is also important to note that in an attempt to quell and get rid of these unwanted thoughts, those suffering from OCD often engage in Compulsions.  Compulsions are ritualized, repetitive behaviors that are geared to warding off the obsessive thoughts.  Common compulsions include excessive hand washing, excessive checking and engaging in repetitive saying of phrases or words.

In Treating OCD in Boca Raton it is very important to know that while this disorder is incredibly disruptive (when left untreated it often develops to the point where people’s lives are severely limited and incredibly painful) there is truly effective treatment.  The most effective treatment that is supported by the research in treating OCD in Boca Raton is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   It is important to seek out a good therapist who is skilled not only in cognitive behavioral therapy but also one who has experience in treating OCD.

Treating OCD in Boca Raton with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one our specialties and we encourage those who experience, or know someone who experiences, the above mentioned symptoms to contact Proliance today and begin their path to recovery.  You can overcome this challenge!

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