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What Can I Expect from Marriage Counseling in Boca Raton

The decision to seek marriage counseling is one that is often made at a stressful and unstable point in our lives.  With that in mind, it is sometimes made hastily without time taken to think about the process of marriage counseling or have a solid understanding of what it entails.  Like most decisions, it is important to come to marriage counseling as informed as possible, with a vision of what you would like to achieve and what you can expect in return.

The process of marriage counseling certainly varies to some degree, based on different approaches and styles from one marriage counselor to another, but several factors remain constant.  The goal of marriage counseling is to help you and your partner work through differences and problems, develop new and effective skills to navigate through difficulties, and to find a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness within the relationship.

At the start of the marriage counseling process, your marriage therapist will assess the current state of your relationship and help you to recognize unhealthy or ineffective patterns and behaviors that are contributing to your presenting issues.  In marriage counseling, your therapist will also work with you to establish the goals you have for treatment.  For example, some couples would like to improve their communication skills while others are looking for greater intimacy.  Whatever your goals for marriage counseling may be, the therapist will work with you to tailor a plan that best suits your needs.

Once the goals have been established and pitfalls are identified, your marriage therapist will work with you and your partner together and, at times, individually, to help you work on the issues that are negatively contributing to your relationship.  They will help you correct negative patterns and behaviors by making you aware of how and when they happen.  They will also teach you new skills and patterns as well as help you enhance the strengths that each of you have to combat problems and increase positive interactions.

Throughout this process of marriage counseling, your therapist will check in with you to assess progress and ensure that everyone is on the same page and happy with the treatment.  Adjustments can be made, as needed based on changing needs within the relationship or by reaching the originally agreed-upon goals and adding new ones. Marriage counseling will come to an end once the couple and therapist have worked together to reach the established goals or once the couple has come to a point where they feel they are ready to move forward on their own.  Often we find that couples will begin to taper off with marriage counseling sessions as they establish their newly defined relationship.

At Proliance Center in Boca Raton, you can expect your marriage counseling experience to follow this pattern closely.  You will work with your counselor in a comfortable and private environment where you can feel safe in expressing your concerns and desires.  You can also expect that you will work with an educated and experienced therapist whose priority is to meet your needs and continually assess your progress and happiness with your experience.  If you have questions about the process of marriage counseling, we invite you to discuss your options with us at anytime by phone or in person!

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