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What is Manic Depression Treatment?

The most important thing in Bipolar disorder or Manic Depression Treatment is to get help from a medical doctor, such as a psychiatrist.  He or she may conduct an interview, physical examination, and lab tests to begin the process of Manic Depression Treatment. Bipolar disorder cannot be detected through a blood test or brain scan, but this process can eliminate other causes of unusual mood changes, such as a stroke or brain tumor. The doctor may conduct a mental health evaluation or refer the person to a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist.

A psychiatrist is trained and experienced with diagnosing and treating mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder and can be very helpful in Manic Depression Treatment.  The psychiatrist will begin by asking questions about any family history of mental illnesses. Then he or she will continue by getting a complete history of symptoms. Input from family and friends should also be included in the medical history.

In looking for Manic Depression Treatment, people tend to seek help when they are experiencing depressive symptoms.  As a result, this can be mistaken to be major depressive disorder also known as unipolar disorder, which is bipolar with out the manic symptoms. It is for this reason that family members are asked to give a brief description of the person’s symptoms early in the process of Manic Depression Treatment.

To treat this disorder, medication is given to gain better control of mood swings and related symptoms. There is no actual cure for bipolar disorder, since it is a lifelong illness, but an effective maintenance plan in Manic Depression Treatment includes medication and psychotherapy to help control symptoms. Several different medications may need to be tried before the best course of treatment is found in Manic Depression Treatment, since not everyone responds to medications in the same way.

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