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Young Asian woman holding her hand up as to say stop.

Viewing Challenges Through a New Lense

Challenges help mold our character and contribute to our growth and development as individuals. Sometimes challenges can seem more like burdens. What if we changed our perspective and began looking at them as new opportunities? Perhaps challenges are the gateway to new and exciting transitions in our lives? Dr. Steven […]

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Picture of a therapist speaking and writing with a couple in the background.

The Difference Between Reacting and Responding

There’s a difference between impulse and decision. When we react to a situation, we are acting impulsively. Reaction is, in essence, an emotional impulse triggered by outside stimuli. However, Austrian neurologist and psychologist Viktor Frankl theorized that “Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our […]

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young woman in orange running suit jogging on road with sunset in background

Improving Mental Fitness and Energy

What many people may not realize is that mental strength, like physical strength, is acquired through exercise. We can make our minds stronger over time by making our personal growth and development a priority, and always focusing on our mental energy. Just as we might carve out time in the […]

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Rebuilding a Relationship with Your Estranged Child

Much of the winter holidays focuses on family and togetherness.  Many of the images of the holidays show happy families of parents and grandparents and children all gathered around a menorah or a Christmas tree.  But what if you are estranged from your adult child?  What if you have grandchildren […]

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10 Tips to Reduce Child Stress and Fears

1. Validate, Don’t Reassure Reassurances are well intended. However, they cause harm instead of helping.  No matter how nicely couched or well put, reassurances give the message your child’s fear is unfounded and adds anxiety as children become anxious about having the anxiety. Validation, showing that you understand and commiserating […]

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Case Study: Boston Bombing Caused PTSD in Child Witnesses

Child witnesses of the Boston Marathon bombings of April 2013 are more likely to have developed PTSD than those who didn’t witness the attack, according to a team of local psychiatrists from Boston University. Researchers found that the rates of PTSD among children who witnessed the attack were comparable to […]

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Treating Child Anxiety

This past weekend, I was playing with my kids at one of Boca Raton’s beautiful parks and couldn’t help but overhear a conversation that was going on between a mother and her child. “I’m scared of going on the swings, Mommy.” “There’s nothing to be afraid of, honey.” “But I […]

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Eat Less and Feel More Full…Naturally!

When people speak to me about losing weight they usually talk about having to eat less.  In my opinion,  the more full you feel the better able you will be to lose weight.  The key in healthy sustainable weight loss is to eat more without actually eating more.  What do […]

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What Marriage Counselors Do for their Patients

As a therapist who works with many couples, I’m often asked by first-time patients, “what can I expect when I come?” or “what will you do for us?.”  In essence, they want to know what marriage counselors do for their patients.  Though what marriage counselors do for their patients seems […]

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