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Eat Less and Feel More Full…Naturally!

When people speak to me about losing weight they usually talk about having to eat less.  In my opinion,  the more full you feel the better able you will be to lose weight.  The key in healthy sustainable weight loss is to eat more without actually eating more.  What do I mean by that? Well, simply put, if you change the way that you eat you will feel like you are eating more.

It really comes down to the attention you give food.  I talk to people about losing weight by choosing to eat less while feeling like they’re eating more when they give full attention to the food they eat.

I’ll challenge you to try the following experiment with one meal.  Take this meal step by step:

  • Turn off the television and radio.  Give your attention to each piece of food.
  • Start by looking at the food as you bring it to your mouth.
  • Before putting the food in your mouth bring it to your nose and smell the food.
  • Then put the food in your mouth and gently hold it on your tongue.
  • Pay attention to the texture and the weight on your tongue.
  • As you chew, be aware of the taste, texture and feeling of the food in between your teeth.

Not every bite needs to be as slow and intentional, but giving awareness to the way that you eat will make you feel like you are eating more without actually eating more.  No one has ever lost weight feeling hungry and the more full you feel with less food, the greater your chances are at achieving and maintaining your target weight.

Now trust me, this eating exercise can get tiresome and is not for every meal, certainly not when eating with friends.  But by simply eliminating tv watching and other distractions while you eat, and by slowing your eating down in general, you can make major strides to losing weight and feeling more full.

– Dr. Jeff Kranzler, Proliance Center

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