How to Find the Best Family Therapist for Your Family

The decision to seek family counseling for you and your family is one that requires a great deal of consideration.  You want the experience to be positive and successful and therefore, want a family therapist that will best address your family’s needs and help you improve the communication and cohesion within your family.  At Proliance Center in Boca Raton, we believe that you should choose a family therapist once you have developed a thorough understanding of that therapist’s education, experience, reputation, and approach family therapy.  You must also feel as if you have a personal connection with this professional after an initial consultation, either by phone or in person.

Education and experience are the foundation of a family therapist’s expertise.  Do your homework when it comes to choosing a family therapist.  Many therapists today make this type of information available on their practice websites, online therapy directories or print advertising.  Your therapist should have a minimum of a Masters degree in the field of mental health and significant experience working with families.  Don’t be afraid to ask a clinician about their education and experience by phone or email before scheduling your first appointment.

Reputation is also an important factor in choosing a family therapist.  Look for recommendations from trusted friends and family members.  Ask local professionals such as physicians, religious institutions, school counselors and other trusted sources.  The internet can also be an excellent resource to gather information from the family therapist’s website and online review and recommendation sites.

A family therapist’s approach to family therapy is unique to each professional.  You can often read about their treatment approaches and preferred models of therapy on their websites but you can also call and ask.  A trusted and experienced family therapist will be able to share with you their personal views about family therapy and their preferred models of treatment and educate about these approaches.  Listen to the information they provide and ask questions as needed.

Finally, your relationship with your family therapist is as important as all of the factors listed above combined.  Make sure you feel comfortable with them and are able to communicate your feelings and concerns freely.  Do your best to assess this relationship in an initial phone consultation or face-to-face meeting.  At Proliance Center, the best and most successful families we treat are those that are open with their family therapists and are comfortable with the process.  Adjustments can always be made to make your experience the best possible.