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Young parents arguing while child holds her hands over her ears.

Tips on Better, More Authentic Parenting

The job of a parent isn’t easy. Despite our best efforts, we may find ourselves put in the position where we will have to make difficult choices. This means that there will be times where our children aren’t happy with us, but does that make us bad parents? The answer, […]

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Older business man sitting at work desk while looking up into the air as if he is thinking to remember.

How Therapy can Potentially Treat Memory Loss

I’m sure from time to time we’ve all experienced lapses in our memory. Perhaps we’ve entered a room and forgotten the reason why, or we’ve forgotten to pack something we meant to for a trip. However, if these lapses are recurrent and frequent then it might be more than mere […]

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Helping Your Teen Deal with a Mental Illness Diagnosis

Diagnosing a teenager with a mental illness is a very big project.  By the time a diagnosis is reached, the teen and his or her family have likely been through meetings with teachers and school psychologists, family doctors, specialists, and outside therapists.  There have likely been insurance company calls, notes […]

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Sibling Fights Could Indicate a Need for Family Therapy

If your children are fighting frequently, family therapy may be able to help. Sibling aggression and bullying are usually the result of an unhealthy family dynamic. That’s why the whole family needs to seek help. Focusing on just the victim or just the aggressor will not ultimately solve your family’s […]

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What Family Counselors Do for Their Patients?

Have you ever felt like your family could use some help? If so, have you ever considered what family counselors do for their patients? Family therapy is very often sought as way to address and fix existing issues in a family. However, it is sometimes unclear what family counselors do […]

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What are Some Benefits of Family Therapy?

The benefits of Family Therapy are that it is an approach to therapy in which a family is guided to work together to solve a given problem within the family unit.   Family therapists view the family as a distinctive social system that functions through its own unique structure and patterns […]

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What Should I Expect to Share in Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of counseling that helps family members improve communication, strengthen relationships, and resolve conflicts.  It can often serve as a powerful tool for both individuals and families to improve their lives and bonds between them.  For many people, family therapy can be intimidating and thought of […]

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