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Young little girl hugging her mother while looking at camera.

Can Children Bully Their Parents?

The notion of child bullies is nothing new. We often hear about kids bullying other kids, which unfortunately can lead to a number of significant consequences, including triggering self-harm, or worse, suicide for the bullying victim. Despite this, bullying has become so commonplace, especially within the last century or so, […]

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a woman looking stressed out with her hand on her head

Supporting a Parent Who Lost a Child

Losing a child is one of the most difficult things that a person can go through.  No matter how old the child is, the pain is going to be some of the strongest you have ever experienced.  If you are a parent who lost a child,  you can probably count […]

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preteen daughter listening to music and rolling eyes with her mother trying to talk to her

Staying Close With Teenage Daughters

When your daughter goes from being your adorable little girl to the difficult preteen stage now called “the tweens”, it can be daunting for you.  Girls of that age can be moody, self-centered, overdramatic, surly, condescending, and prone to throwing tantrums.  Tween girls can also take on mature demeanors and […]

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teenage communication parenting techniques

Learn to Better Communicate with Your Teenager

Some people will describe teenagers as a species all their own.  Teenagers’ bodies are so overrun by the hormones that are coursing through their veins that they can be difficult and irritable.  They can be emotionally driven and motivated to keep most adults out of their lives completely.  Teenagers can […]

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Parenting Techniques

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world, if not the toughest.  It’s also one that doesn’t require a degree.  How wonderful would it be if along with a positive pregnancy test came a free intensive parenting techniques program!  Oh sure, there are tons of books on parenting […]

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