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Improve Self-Esteem

One of the most common issues I address with my patients is how to improve self-esteem. Though most patients come to therapy with other struggles as their prime concern, self-esteem is usually a significant contributor to the issue or is a result of the issue.

This becomes a challenge as an individual progresses through therapy because their lack of self-esteem can be a road block to success in treatment as they don’t feel that they are capable of making improvements to their lives or they feel they are not worthy of the happiness they hope to achieve.

Many people feel that if they take the time to love themselves enough or recite complimentary mantras, they will see an improvement in their self-esteem.  Others feel that by surrounding themselves with those who will praise or inspire them, they will feel less insecure and more comfortable with themselves.  Unfortunately, none of these approaches will do the trick because they are based on empty praise unrelated to merit.

How To Improve Self-Esteem

The most effective way to improve self-esteem is to experience success.  This can be success of any kind, large or small.  Take the time to think about the self-improvements you can make, a new skill you could commit to, a relationship you’d like to improve, or a personal or professional goal you’d like to accomplish.  Often the smaller the goal, the better and faster the result will be.  With one success comes another and the feeling of accomplishment it brings fuels an increase in confidence from within.   Rather than getting empty compliments or words of encouragement from others, you’ll be acknowledged for your merit in working to make a change, which tends to go a long way.  Unless you take action and step up to a new challenge, you simply won’t get the results you desire.  So, let this be the day that you make that small change and imagine how much better you will feel about yourself when you make it happen!


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