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Improving Mental Fitness and Energy

What many people may not realize is that mental strength, like physical strength, is acquired through exercise. We can make our minds stronger over time by making our personal growth and development a priority, and always focusing on our mental energy. Just as we might carve out time in the day to go to the gym or train our bodies so, too, should we remember that our minds are just as if not more important. There are a number of healthy habits that can aid in this strengthening. Below, we’ll discuss 8 of the best practices of enhancing one’s mental strength and resilience.

1. Use Your Mental Energy Wisely

To be mentally strong, you’ll need to learn how to use your time and energy carefully and for maximum benefit. In today’s world, it’s very easy to find oneself distracted from things that really matter by a number of comparatively unproductive and unimportant tasks. To be mentally strong is to learn how to avoid these unnecessary distractions and to direct your efforts to the things that matter most to accomplish your goals.

2. Establish Goals and Work Towards Them

Building off of the first practice, mental strength can be built and maintained when you establish clear goals for yourself both personally and professionally. These goals should be meaningful and purposeful. Don’t limit yourself to goals that only provide immediate but hollow gratification. Keep your long-term goals in mind and don’t allow these short-term rewards to be a distraction. Furthermore, treat any obstacles as challenges to be overcome, not as limitations. No obstacle can prevent your success if you dedicate your mind to surpassing it. Doing this will not only help you achieve your goals but will also improve your mental strength.

3. Reframe Negative Thoughts

It’s no secret that negativity doesn’t help anyone achieve optimum mental energy. Everyone experiences negative thoughts sometimes, but the important thing is to not let those thoughts consume you or stop you from following your ambitions. While it may be difficult at first, try to silence pessimistic sentiments with positive reinforcement and productive inner dialogue. With practice, you will learn how to not only develop a resilience against harmful negativity, but also strengthen your overall mind and will. Be your own best friend and coach you won’t struggle to be motivated.

4. Reflect on Your Progress

A good way to enhance your mental strength is to take some time to reflect on your progress towards your goals daily. Make note of the things you’re doing well, and don’t be afraid to acknowledge any areas which might need improvement. After all, holding yourself accountable for mistakes is all a part of progressing towards your goals and growing stronger as a person.

5. Balance Emotions with Logic

Emotions can be powerful. Feelings often play a strong role in our choices, perceptions, and behaviors. But don’t let your emotions completely control you. Remember that you are in control, and pay attention to the ways that your emotions can influence your judgment. The key not only to improving your mental energy, but also to building a stronger mind is in learning how to balance feelings with logic to make the best possible decisions in any situation.

6. Practice Gratitude

We often feel as though we deserve more than we have. Oftentimes these feelings might have justification, but rather than dwelling solely on what we don’t have it’s also important to remember to be grateful for what we do. Mental strength can be enhanced through the practice of gratitude. Everyone has things in their lives for which they can be grateful, learning to recognize and acknowledge these things can not only help the mind but can also increase your overall happiness in your life.

7. Learning to Manage Discomfort

At first glance, this might seem strange, but really its a necessary practice. Some people go to any length to avoid distress, even if it impedes their life and overall satisfaction, others go out of their way to endure pain simply to prove that they’re tough. In reality, there are many times in our lives where we will have to face situations in which we feel uncomfortable, when our mental energy may not be at full capacity. To be mentally strong is to learn how to deal with these situations and feelings of discomfort, particularly if the outcome of the situation serves a greater purpose.

All experiences are educational, even those that may initially seem unpleasant. For example, you might feel scared before giving a speech in front of an audience, but that speech might ultimately prove to be a pivotal success in your personal or professional life. While you might feel uncomfortable, to be mentally strong is to learn how to manage that discomfort and focus on the ultimate goal.

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