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Why Premarriage Counseling is Important

Typically, couples who marry have decided to make a commitment to one another and have faith that their marriage will last forever.  During their engagement, they are often focused on planning the wedding and may not have time to discuss their values and core beliefs about marriage.  Once the wedding day is over and reality sets in, couples can be faced with many challenges they didn’t expect.  Though Premarriage Counseling cannot prevent all problems couples will face together, it may prepare them for some and help them develop the skills to manage those unforeseen.

Premarriage Counseling offers couples an opportunity to identify and discuss core beliefs, ideas for the future, potential conflicts, and individual views on issues such as religion, sex, parenthood, and money.  It also helps couples realize that through the years, their individual thoughts and views in these areas may change and they must be prepared for how they will manage these shifts.  Discussions on these topics help couples gain a better understanding of each other and allow them to do so in an environment that is safe and supportive.

Premarriage Counseling also teaches couples how to communicate most effectively.  Often, role-playing can be used to teach conflict resolution skills and show couples how to avoid destructive behaviors such as name-calling or avoidance.  Each individual learns to have a greater sense of self-awareness as well as empathy for their partner.

Whether seeking Premarriage Counseling to tackle specific, existing problems or to prepare for what marriage has in store, couples will get ahead of the divorce rate in the United States by attending.  Couples who progressed through Premarriage Counseling generally have a 30% less chance of divorce than those who do not seek Premarriage Counseling.  Considering that your marriage should be the most important relationship in your life, why not give yourself some added insurance by participating in a Premarriage Counseling program?

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