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two dumb bells next to a replica of a human brain

Do Stronger Muscles Mean a Stronger Mind?

Perhaps you’ve heard the old adage “Brains over Brawn”. This saying is meant to imply that physical fitness may have its perks, but it’s more important to be smart than physically strong. This topic is brought up in numerous debates. After all, who should we look up to? The soldier […]

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black and white picture of a man holding his head in his hands, feeling distraught

Having Insecurities vs. Being Insecure

We all have insecurities. Some of us may worry that we’re not where we’d like to be personally or professionally, others may worry that our appearances lack a certain quality we find in others. Perhaps we criticize ourselves for not being able to meet some standard that we’ve set for […]

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a happy middle aged couple face to face, about to kiss, smiling

Gratitude in Healthy Relationships

What does it take to make and maintain a good relationship? Many of us might answer love or affection, both of which are important, as is communication. But an often overlooked yet essential component of any successful relationship is actually gratitude. Being grateful for those we care about and the […]

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one man helping another man up a mountain

Understanding and Practicing Compassion

True compassion is not always easy to come by, and it’s even more difficult to communicate. Oftentimes, we struggle with feeling vulnerable. Unfortunately, this feeling frequently accompanies instances where we reveal our sensitive, emotional selves to others, such as when we’re demonstrating compassion. But compassion is integral to the development […]

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Three Tips for Making Difficult Decisions

Everyone finds themselves having to make tough decisions from time to time. Such choices are a natural part of life and often mean that we are transitioning into a new stage of ours. The biggest challenge with making difficult decisions isn’t the choice itself, it’s worrying whether or not we’re making […]

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a man in fear

Four Rare Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Fear is a common and essential human emotion. Without fear we would act recklessly and end up endangering ourselves and even risking our lives. Fear allows us to be cautious, to think before acting, and to avoid certain people and situations which may compromise our health and wellbeing. However, experienced […]

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young woman experiencing negative emotions

The Importance of Accepting Painful Emotions

It’s no secret that emotions are an integral part of being human. However, emotional experiences are many and varied. In fact, it is suggested that human emotions fall along a spectrum. By its very definition, a spectrum is a continuous sequence or range, making it an apt way to described […]

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