How To Improve Your Sleep?

We hear it all the time.  “Have a good night.. Sweet dreams..” and the list goes on.  But knowing that it takes the average person about 7 minutes to fall asleep if it is taking you 20 minutes or more you clearly have a sleep problem and have wondered about how to Improve Your Sleep.  Doctors call this early insomnia, because it is a sleep problem that occurs early during the sleep cycle, right at the beginning, in fact.  If this is occurring you want to Improve Your Sleep.  This is as opposed to middle insomnia (waking up in the middle of the night and you can’t go back to sleep) or late insomnia (waking up much earlier than you want to).  Early insomnia is often a sign of anxiety with middle and late insomnia being signs of depression.  Regardless, though, you want to Improve Your Sleep and there is something you can do to help yourself.  Maintaining good sleep hygiene is how you Improve Your Sleep!  But how do you do that?

Tips To Improve Your Sleep

  • Avoid Smoking
  • Try Not To Force Sleep
  • Don’t Go To Bed Hungry
  • Avoid Alcohol Near Bedtime
  • Maintain A Regular Sleep Schedule
  • Avoid Caffeinated Beverages After Lunch
  • Resolve Concerns With Worries Before Bedtime
  • Adjust Your Bedroom Environment To Decrease Stimuli
  • Sleep As Much As Needed To Feel Rested And Then Get Out Of Bed

There are very important reasons for all these tips in the process to Improve Your Sleep.  If you have followed the process to Improve Your Sleep and are still struggling give us a call.  We are here to help!  However, suffice it to say that if you follow these tips to  Improve Your Sleep you will have better and more restful sleep.  So good night, and sweet dreams to all.