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The 8 Types of Risk-Takers

There’s really nothing quite like the thrill of taking a risk. For some, the powerfulness of this feeling is enough to be addictive. Others, however, are satisfied merely taking risks on occasion. These people usually do not need to take numerous or great risks in order to feel content. It […]

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Five Reasons You Could Benefit from Life Coaching

Life coaches have become more popular in recent years.  A life coach can provide a special value to a person’s life by providing non-judgmental support.  Life coaching is different from psychotherapy, but it can be used in conjunction.  Life coaching is about helping a person thrive in the present and […]

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How To Improve Your Sleep?

We hear it all the time.  “Have a good night.. Sweet dreams..” and the list goes on.  But knowing that it takes the average person about 7 minutes to fall asleep if it is taking you 20 minutes or more you clearly have a sleep problem and have wondered about […]

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Getting Over a Breakup

One of the things I often hear in my office from people who are working on getting over a breakup is a sadness that they can no longer be in or go to a certain place they used to love.  The reason is that while getting over a breakup they […]

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What is Offered by a Life Coach in Boca Raton

Many of us have a tendency to consider New Year’s Day the time to look at our lives, create new goals, and set out on a path of personal change for the new year.  While this can be a successful method for some, we often give up on those goals […]

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