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A man helping a woman through an obstacle during a team building exercise.

How Helping Others can Reduce Stress and Improve Mood

You may have heard at some point or another that helping others is a reward in itself, but there may be more truth to that than we previously realized. Studies show that helping others can actually be beneficial to ourselves as well. One such study, entitled “Prosocial Behavior Mitigates the Stress […]

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A paper heart ripped in two pieces, hanging from a line by clothes pins.

How Stress and Love Impact Heart Health

Stress isn’t just a mental experience: it is an experience which encompasses the whole body. When we feel stressed, we aren’t merely thinking of stressful things, our palms sweat, our breaths become more shallow, our eyes may struggle to stay focused, and our hearts beat what feels like a million […]

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What You Don’t Know Acid Reflux and Antacids

Chances are you’re no stranger to the stresses of daily life. Because of it, many of us may be accustomed to that burning sensation in our chests that we may have come to associate with stress. But is heartburn really caused by stress? Antacids are seemingly a quick and easy […]

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Giving Up Complaining For A More Positive Life

Everyone is going to do a bit of complaining now and again.  A lot of the time, we do not even really realize that we are doing it.  According to the research, in an average conversation we complain approximately once every minute. But is giving up complaining even possible? Trevor […]

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Eight Medical Conditions Caused By Excess Stress

According to Dr. Jay Winner the author of Take the Stress Out of Your Life and the director of the Stress Management Program for Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara, CA, “Stress doesn’t only make us feel awful emotionally.  It can also exacerbate just about any health condition you can think […]

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How To Improve Your Sleep?

We hear it all the time.  “Have a good night.. Sweet dreams..” and the list goes on.  But knowing that it takes the average person about 7 minutes to fall asleep if it is taking you 20 minutes or more you clearly have a sleep problem and have wondered about […]

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