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Couple sitting up in bed, arguing

How Couples Therapy Can Improve A Relationship

Love is an amazing, wonderful thing, but just as with anything else, it can have its fair share of ups and downs. Unfortunately, the intensely personal and emotional nature of love makes it so that when we experience those occasional “downs” they seem truly painful. In relationships we learn to […]

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paper that says "train your braing!!!" pinned to a chalkboard

Train Your Brain with Individual Therapy

Our brains are our bodies executives. We cannot function without them and they dictate every word we say and every action we take. But just as even the highest ranking executive can be trained to do things differently if the need arises, so can we train our brains using therapy […]

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Older business man sitting at work desk while looking up into the air as if he is thinking to remember.

How Therapy can Potentially Treat Memory Loss

I’m sure from time to time we’ve all experienced lapses in our memory. Perhaps we’ve entered a room and forgotten the reason why, or we’ve forgotten to pack something we meant to for a trip. However, if these lapses are recurrent and frequent then it might be more than mere […]

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