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Photo in black and white of a young man's arm grabbing the collar of another young man's shirt. Bullying.

Forgiveness Therapy for Treating Kids Who Bully

Bullying among children and teens has received drastically increased news coverage and awareness. This has proven to be both good and bad in terms of outcomes. On the one hand, bullying is a serious issue which needs to be address in order to maintain the safety, happiness, and well-being of […]

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Young woman with ban-aids on her arm looking upset as a man's arms reach out for her.

Spot the Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Relationships can be a wonderful, mutually fulfilling means of growth and development for both partners. In a good, healthy relationship, we may feel as though our partner brings out the best in us, and we the best in them. We love and support each other, through the best of times […]

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Young woman in a mustard colored shirt holding her hands over her face.

Learning to Overcome Negative Feelings About Self

Everyone has insecurities. As such, it’s not unusual for someone to have the occasional bad day when it comes to their self-esteem. When faced with these frequent negative feelings about yourself, we must be able to remind ourselves of all of the qualities and traits that we should feel proud […]

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A woman's hands holding a phone with note-taking material on table.

Collecting Data on Our Own Mental Health

One minute we might feel overwhelmed and stressed, as though we’re ready to snap at the first person we see, the next we may feel perfectly calm and relaxed, as though none of that really ever happened. Everyone experiences emotional highs and lows from time to time, but sometimes it […]

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Young Asian woman holding her hand up as to say stop.

Viewing Challenges Through a New Lense

Challenges help mold our character and contribute to our growth and development as individuals. Sometimes challenges can seem more like burdens. What if we changed our perspective and began looking at them as new opportunities? Perhaps challenges are the gateway to new and exciting transitions in our lives? Dr. Steven […]

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A relaxed business man feeling the joy of accomplishment while walking through a field.

Setting Goals Helps – Here’s How it Works

One of the most important aspects of any positive life journey is setting goals. Learning to set the right goals can sometimes be as difficult as pursuing them. The most effective and successful goals are ones that are well-defined and targeted towards our own self-improvement. It is very important that […]

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Unhappy 20-something couple sitting on a small couch together.

Why, When and How Relationships End

Sometimes relationships just aren’t meant to be. Love has plenty of ups and downs, but increasing negativity can be a sign that a relationship is simply not working out. However, relationship problems can be complicated, and it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether or not it’s time to leave, […]

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Picture of old statues in which a King appears to be shaming a woman.

Understanding Shame and How To Heal From It

One of the biggest and most powerful obstacles in psychological healing can be healing the feelings of shame. Shame is a powerful and insidious emotion. It hurts us from deep inside and causes us to forget our own strength and potential. Shame colors how we see ourselves and can even help […]

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young woman experiencing negative emotions

Treating Depression with Behavior Therapy

Depression can be a daily struggle. It can make even the simplest tasks seem monumental. With depression, it can be difficult to get out of bed, even with all of the opportunities that await us. We may not enjoy things that we normally would, and we may feel as though […]

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