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close up picture of anxious woman holding clenched hands to her mouth with black backdrop

Five Techniques to Manage Anxious Thinking

Many of us experience worrisome or anxious thoughts from time to time. Worry is a natural emotion which reminds us to be cautious when making decisions and embarking on new experiences. Worry can also be a sign of consideration or concern, like when we worry over a loved one. Additionally, […]

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woman hugging her self

The Importance of Understanding Self Love

In our efforts to be selfless and care for others, particularly our loved ones, it’s not uncommon for many of us to forget to love ourselves. But 9After all, all good things come from within. But what exactly does it mean to love ourselves? How can we? Self-love, just like […]

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woman smiling with eyes closed, laying in green grass

Five Common Myths about Emotional Health

Often disregarded because they’re assumed to be irrational and thus not worthy of attention, many of us may find ourselves withholding and even denying our emotional selves. There are many reasons why this happens, but at least some of it can be attributed to either a reluctance or a fear […]

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Positive Thinking and Good Health

Perhaps you’ve heard the old adage: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but in truth the key to good health and vitality may be be simpler than we realized. As it turns out, happiness can be the best supplement for one’s wellbeing, especially when it comes to heart […]

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Six Benefits of Practicing More Self-Compassion

It can be very tempting at times to fall into a spiral of self-doubt, especially when we find ourselves faced with making a number of important decisions. As we transition from adolescence to adulthood, this number greatly increases, and many of us find ourselves overwhelmed with the demands and expectations […]

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silhouette of woman practicing mindfulness therapy on beach

The Sustainability of Mindfulness Therapy

In previous articles we’ve discussed the benefits of mindfulness therapy with regards to treating depressive disorders and addictive behaviors. For many years, this form of therapy has been the go-to for many patients to seek to overcome what is ultimately a psychological impasse by teaching them to take control of […]

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