Young little girl hugging her mother while looking at camera.

Can Children Bully Their Parents?

The notion of child bullies is nothing new. We often hear about kids bullying other kids, which unfortunately can lead to a number of significant consequences, including triggering self-harm, or worse, suicide for the bullying victim. Despite this, bullying has become so commonplace, especially within the last century or so, […]

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Beautiful paper creations made during art therapy session.

Examine the Benefits of Art Therapy

Often overlooked as a legitimate form of therapeutic treatment, art-making and art therapy can be the creative outlets many individuals need to truly express themselves. Much research has been done on the health benefits of making art, in fact, a recent study conducted by Drs. Girija Kaimal, Juan Muniz, and […]

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A man helping a woman through an obstacle during a team building exercise.

How Helping Others can Reduce Stress and Improve Mood

You may have heard at some point or another that helping others is a reward in itself, but there may be more truth to that than we previously realized. Studies show that helping others can actually be beneficial to ourselves as well. One such study, entitled “Prosocial Behavior Mitigates the Stress […]

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young woman experiencing negative emotions

How to Personalize Anxiety Treatment with Genomics

These days there is a plethora of treatment options available for anxiety-sufferers, ranging from medication to counselling. In anxiety therapy, the therapists teach clients who are struggling with anxiety techniques and skills needed to help better manage those feelings. However, the sheer number of treatments available these days, combined with […]

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Picture of a pharmacy book with sage in the pages being used for therapy.

Can Reading a Book Work as Therapy?

Books have been a popular method used to escape reality for centuries. It’s not hard to see the allure – books offer worlds that we can transport ourselves to to escape the mundane and often trying demands of our day-to-day lives. But can books be therapeutic? New research suggests that […]

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A paper heart ripped in two pieces, hanging from a line by clothes pins.

How Stress and Love Impact Heart Health

Stress isn’t just a mental experience: it is an experience which encompasses the whole body. When we feel stressed, we aren’t merely thinking of stressful things, our palms sweat, our breaths become more shallow, our eyes may struggle to stay focused, and our hearts beat what feels like a million […]

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Picture of a couple in their late 20s laying in bed with backs to each other.

5 Common Complaints Heard in Couples Therapy

It’s often said that love is a roller coaster – and with good reason! Incredible as it is to spend your life with the person you love, relationships often have their ups and downs. Most of the time, the underlying problems which are causing friction are miscommunication and difficulty connecting. […]

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Picture of a therapist speaking and writing with a couple in the background.

The Difference Between Reacting and Responding

There’s a difference between impulse and decision. When we react to a situation, we are acting impulsively. Reaction is, in essence, an emotional impulse triggered by outside stimuli. However, Austrian neurologist and psychologist Viktor Frankl theorized that “Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our […]

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